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Communication Services

Cloudsell offers a comprehensive communication suite of products. We understand that client communication & marketing is vital for any successful business. Your clients are able to communicate with you or if you needing  to raise awareness of your brand, gather important information from your clients or market new services professionally, we have you covered. We tailor make our solutions to meet your needs.


Communication Sevices

Whatsapp for Business

We customize your whatsapp communication required to suit your needs. Whether is general communication,  two-way communication, selection options to guide the consumer to their request.

Email to SMS

Easily send your SMS communication from any email client & we take care of the rest.

Bulk SMS Service

We able to send Bulk SMS at cost-effective rates. We have a wide range of reports on delivery status & analytics on our cloud-based or onsite platforms.

API Integration

We have a number of options to integrate your communication services to our platform.

These are namely SMPP, HTTPS, JSON &  FTP.

USSD/ Shortcodes

Allow us to create  unique USSD commands or short-codes for your consumer competitions, fundraisers or voting lines.


Simply drop your CSV file onto our FTP site, will be instantly pick up and file and deliver to all the recipients.

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