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Our Residential Estate Solution
















Cloudsell offers a POPIA compliant  all in one resident access control using Wave, facial, bluetooth or QR scanning options, as well as Visitor Management with One Time Pin invitations fully integrated into WhatsApp, Bulk communication, facilities management, ticketing solution & panic button services. 

We understand the need for multiple options to enter & exit an estate, allowing flexibility for the resident to choose their preferred option to allow access in or out safely and securely. 

The Cloudsell solution is fully integrated into several access control platforms in the market  namely Impro, Gallagher, Salto & Hikvision allowing for centralized reporting and access control hardware infrastructure. 

Resident Mobile app

The mobile app allows one to pre-book visitors, deliveries, regulars & group bookings. Residents are able to get real-time notifications of visitor arrivals, with photos, detail vehicle information and the number of occupants instantly. 

Keep up to the date with the latest estate communication and urgent messages all in your inbox. You also have the ability to log facilities  related issues so that the relevant HOA team is aware of your query.  Watch the video below &  learn more about the app.








Long & Short-Term Rentals

Allow rental agents & owners to manage bookings, this allows for a RSVP process to upload ID and Passports. The process is kept secure by security scanning  each person upon arrival. The system will match the ID and max number of occupants per unit for the duration of the stay. The system allows for a seamless entry and exit process. 

Resident & Contractors Facial Access Control 

Facial access has become the latest world-wide secure method to gain access into secure systems. We have seen this trend with smart phone manufactures allowing you to unlock your device as well as mobile banking apps using facial authentication to process payments. We have used the same security protocols on our facial readers at residential estates, by simply looking at the device the boom or gate will open allowing a seamless process in and out of the estate. 

Stolen Vehicles

By simply scanning a vehicle disc we can immediately confirm if the vehicle is listed as stolen on the National database in South Africa.

Home Affairs Confirmation

We able to also confirm identification of an individual with a Home Affairs lookup.

Voice Calling

Make unlimited calls to confirm visitors entry if unannounced. Voice recording per call is also included.

Google Map Links

Google map links to your main gates and to each stand is included your visitor invitations making it easy and simple for your visitors to navigate to your estate.

Security Guard Hand-held Scanner

With the comprehensive booking and scheduling processes in place we ensuring the security system is easy to use for the security officers. Watch the video on how the guards will be processing visitors & deliveries.













Minimise admin allowing the residents to self-enroll for facial access on the mobile app, update their email addresses, manage their vehicles by loading them on their app, manage their pets and personal assets such as boats, golf carts  & other custom items. The HOA has full view to approve and confirm items if required. 

See Facial Enrollment Video Below

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