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Facial Recognition 

CloudSell facial recognition is unique due to the solution being fully Cloud-based allowing multi-tenanted sites  to be centrally managed seam-lessly. Users can enroll by uploading a selfie on the CloudSell mobile app & once verified the template auto-syncs to the facial readers on-site.​The solution caters for a digital approval process and if required an indemnity or access control policy form to be completed prior to being onboarded. 

                              Facial Applications

                                                          Facial Readers are used across multiple sectors for fast & efficient entry and exits with real-time reporting and time & attendance.

                                                          Here are some of the sectors we have implemented the solution.

                                                           - Business Offices

                                                           - Residential Estates ( Residents entry & exit)

                                                           - Parking entrance & exits

                                                           - Logistics

                                                           - Schools

                                                           - Universities

                                                           - Gyms & Sports Clubs

                                                           - Healthcare

                                                           - Mining

                                                           - Short-term Rentals

                                                           - Lodges and Hotels

                                                                                                          FACIAL FEATURES

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